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How do I get help with AdGone or report a problem?



  • Jerrybeth De Mello

    AdGone asking for CODE, I can't fine it and its not in my email. Please forward cODE

  • Twilsbac

    Stop Ad for StopAd updating. I am a new subscriber and understand that my free trial is over. I don't need to be told so every time I open a page. Please make it stop otherwise not only will I not upgrade I will cancel my subscription.


  • Cj Fricke

    This is the 2nd time I have come to your help with this one. A reminder pop-up continues to POP UP to tell me that my free trial is over in x days. I reinstalled the App with the link you sent to me. Seemed to work for up to a week and then splat. Why can't you people get your shit together and fix it?

  • Ralph Alan Ruoff

    refused two bank cards to renew subscription?  something wrong with your system?

  • Ruth

    I get a message that my free trial is over but I have a subscription


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